Greenland offers a wide range of beautiful and dramatic sceneries and landscapes.

FilmGreenland provides all aspects of production service packages for filmmakers wanting to shoot in Greenland / The Arctic, whether it’s commercials, documentaries, feature films, TV dramas, corporate films or photo shoots.

With our in-house, experienced location managers and local partners, can we help you meet your exact production needs.

We have an intimate knowledge of Greenland / The Arctic, and are one of the only professional production companies in Denmark who specialize in this location. FilmGreenland is located both in Denmark and Greenland. We work closely together with partners and authorities in Greenland. Furthermore, we have a specific knowledge of the Inuit culture.

We offer full production services and Helicopter film and photo shooting, with one of Europe’s best nose-cam film helicopter pilots and DOP/Operators.

FilmGreenland works closely together with Air Greenland.


Production Service

Production Service

FilmGreenland offers you full production service packages and assistance such as: Production management, line-producing, location management, assistant directing, location scouting, cameras and associated equipment, light, grip, crews, interpreters medic personnel, safety personnel, local casting, negotiations with local authorities and organizations, permits for shooting in restricted areas, accommodations, camp services, craft services, boat services, travel services, transport services, heavy cargo and logistics operations, etc. We will meet your every need, whether it’s shooting on the Icecap, in a small settlement, on the sea, in the air or in the capital of Nuuk.

Please contact us for a quote.
We work with 100% transparency in our budgeting.


Helicopter Aerial Photography is what we do for a living, every day !

We have 25 years experience in helicopter Aerial photography and coordination. Our pilot is also a fully fletched key grip with 30 years experience from the movie business.
This gives the photographer a unique skillset as the pilot is also aware of framing and camera moves while flying.
Our gimbal camera operators all have hundreds of hours experience working in teams together with our pilot – So magical moves can be framed directly from takeoff.

We use the worlds most acclaimed gyro gimbals.

Cineflex V-14 for broadcast productions.
Shotover F-1 for movie production work.
We supply turnkey systems with cameras mounted ready to go.
Arri, Red, Sony, Canon and almost any lens combination.
We can record Proress or Raw and supply on site DIT service.
We also have HD downlink capability for client monitoring or live broadcast.
Air to ground radios are supplied as standard.
The helicopter we use in Greenland is the AS 350 – the world wide favorite for aerial photography, in the latest and most powerful B-3 version with floats and full arctic equipment package.

FilmGreenland works closely together with Air Greenland.


FilmGreenland has been shooting TV dramas, commercials, documentaries etc. from Qaanaaq in the northern part of Greenlands west coast, to Tasiilaq on the east coast. FilmGreenland has helped and provided services for some of the world’s largest Production and Movie companies. Please feel free to contact us if you need help with your project in Greenland. We will be happy help you!

The Clients speak out

“For two years I worked with top production service companies across the globe to produce “Soarin’ Around the World” for Walt Disney Imagineering.  FilmGreenland/Frontier Film was wonderful to work with and equal or better than any other company I dealt with. Their knowledge of Greenland made the shoot trouble free and extremely productive. If I ever had to film in Greenland again, they’d be the first ones I’d call.”

Linda Folsom, senior media producer, Walt Disney Imagineering.

“Navigating the dangers of exploring under the Greenland Ice Sheet is one thing, but keeping a production running smoothly  is far more complicated for me. FilmGreenland really helped keep our permits and expedition filming running smoothly. A big thanks, and I’m looking forward to working with them in the future. “

Will Gadd, Producer, Athlete, Red Bull Global.

“Greenland is a filmmakers dream. No mater which way you look there is a postcard worthy picture, the locals are pro film and ready to help, there is very strong support from the film community in Denmark and the list goes on. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot. I can’t wait to get back soon”

Scott Howell, CineMoves, Inc.